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Genetic Counselling

Do you need genetic counselling?

Genetic counselling can help you to make well-informed decisions about your own health and the health of your family.

Who does genetic counselling?

A multidisciplinary team of geneticist, including medical geneticists, medical officers and genetic counsellors are involved in genetic counselling clinics.

Who should I contact for genetic counselling?

Genetic counseling services are available to private and state patients at the following hospitals in Johannesburg:
– Donald Gordon Medical Centre (private patients) – Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital – Johannesburg Hospital – Coronation Hospital

To make an appointment at any of these clinics or to get details of genetic counseling services in other areas, please contact:

Division of Human Genetics

National Health Laboratory Service and University of the Witwatersrand

Tel : 011 489-9223/4

Fax : 011 489-9226

Email :



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